Aural Analytics™

Objective Measures of Brain Health

We build applications that use speech and fine motor to detect subtle changes in brain health. We are rooted in neuroscience with an award winning, first to market technology platform that turns the devices we use every day into objective brain health monitors.

Our Purpose

To build the world’s most advanced multi-modal brain health analytics platform.

Neurological injury and diseases are among the most debilitating and costly health challenges facing our society today, and will only become worse with the aging of the world’s population. Assessing changes in brain health accurately, and objectively is difficult, expensive, invasive and offline through current industry standards.

Our mission is to be the recognized leader in brain health monitoring by providing clinical decision makers with non-invasive, remote, interpretable, and actionable insights regarding the neurological health of their patients.

Our Solution

Patient centric, non-invasive neuro-biomarker technology usable anywhere in the world.

Our easy to use mobile applications empower our partners to accurately and efficiently collect information from their patients anywhere at any time. Speech, fine motor and linguistic samples are automatically uploaded to our HIPAA-compliant secure cloud server where our AI engine analyzes each sample for finite but clinically relevant information and delivers results in real-time.

Our Platform

Powerful data and analytics that are clinically interpretable, reliable, precise and objective.

We combine speech signal processing and cognitive linguistic analysis together into one powerful set of APIs that are easily extensible across the continuum of care for neurological disease.

Our Unique Advantage

Disease, location, language, device agnostic
Real-time, online and easily extensible
Deployed in 8 languages and on 4 continents
Clinically validated across multiple disease states

Our applications are used all over the world.

Partner with us to eliminate subjectivity, reduce patient burden, and lower costs.

Market & Industry Validation

Award winning and validated by key industry leaders.

Our technology is based on 25 years of funding from the NSF and NIH, has cleared the highest bars of validation at large health systems and pharmaceutical companies and was the recipient of the prestigious 2017 Global SCRIP Award for Best Technology Advancement in Clinical Trials.

About Us

Aural Analytics was founded in 2015 based on decades of research studying the way neurological disease manifests in speech and other fine motor skills.

The company is highly specialized in building technologies that detect finite change in brain health across all areas of neurological disease and at delivering those findings in a clinically interpretable, objective manner.


Global healthcare crisis

55M people currently living with neurological disease*


Creating the world’s most advanced brain health analytics engine.

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Creating the world’s most advanced brain health analytics engine.

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