Speech can provide an unparalleled look into neurological health.

Our award-winning technology is the key.

Eliminate Subjectivity

Existing measures of neurological health assessment are measured using subjective rating scales. We provide objective, reliable, and interpretable measures of neurological health.

Precise Data Collection

Clinical rating scales for speech can be coarse and imprecise. We directly analyze collected speech for signs of slurring, slowed rate, and many other clinically-relevant changes.

Reduce Patient Burden

Our data elicitation tasks take less than 5 minutes and can be done from the comfort of a person’s home using a mobile application downloaded to their personal smartphone.

Flexible Platform

We customize our analytics to amplify our clients’ impact for applications like tracking wellness, early disease detection and progression, or documenting benefits of drugs or other interventions.

Revolutionary AI Engine

Our AI engine searches for subtle, but clinically relevant, changes in speech. These can be imperceptible to the human ear but they provide valuable information regarding the nature and progression of neurological disease.

Mobile App Integration

The applications we develop to collect and analyze speech can be used on personal Apple or Android device.

2017 Scrip Awards Winner

Best Technological Development in Clinical Trials (Patient-Focused)

We are proud that Aural Analytics was selected for the prestigious 2017 Scrip Award under the category of Best Technological Development for Clinical Trial – Patient focused. Our goal is to develop digital technology for objective, precise, and remote measurement of neurological health. We look forward to creating new partnerships with companies that share our vision and continuing to expand our offerings in this area.

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